Buying the Binary Options for Trade

5 Figure Day Review

The internet brought us countless innovations in the last 20 years including many different ‘money-making opportunities’ such as online trading. Forex Trading was the newest innovation up until recent years, up until Binary Option based platforms increasingly became highly popular, changing our old concept of trading by 360 degrees as now investors can trade many different assets and are no longer limited to Currency Trading as with Forex. In this article I cover different aspects of online trading and how Binary Options can be practiced on a low budget using the best platforms available.

Options trading tends to confuse many people, especially people who are new to investing and trading. While there are complex formulas involved in options trading, almost all of that stuff takes place behind the scenes and the person doing the trading doesn’t really need to know any of it. In theory, options are very simple: they are basically a bet that, as of a certain time in the future, the price of a stock will be above or below a specified price (called the strike price).

Like most people I had been looking for something to supplement my income something I thought I would have some control over and could do from home. In simple terms Binary Options are basically a means of determining whether a currency, stock or indices will go up or down within a certain period of time, and trading on your decision on whether it will go up or down.