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Once you arrive in the Nikto Sector you will want to grab the quest from Yeddu swtor gold called “One Fell Swoop”. Once you have that head east into the Nikto Sector and start by doing Armed and Dangerous.

All over the Wannshock Tenements area (the first area you come to in the Nikto Sector) you will find glowing blue crates. Open them up and collect the Stolen Combat Implants. After you’ve gotten all 4 of them turn the quest in to Nurkolas up north. Doing so will start another quest called Slave Raiding. Also in the room right next to Nurkolas’ there is another quest which is a Heroic +2 quest called Blood Money. If you’re a healer or a tank with a healer companion you can probably solo this quest. It’ll give some good XP so it’s worth a try.

The Swoop bikes you will be getting to in a bit, but the second you start killing mobs out in the Wannshock Tenements area you’ll get the bonus quest for this. The first step is to kill 16 of the Kintan Kings which you will find all over the place. The second step is to destroy 8 Fuel Cells which can be found in the same area as the Swoop Bikes. After you complete the Fuel Cells step do the Slave Raiding quest before doing the final step of One Fell Swoop’s Bonus Quest.

For this quest you will need to take the elevator to Fate’s Hand Casino. The Elevator is located in the northern Nikto Sector. Once you make it to the Casino you’ll want to free 4 Republic Citizens. They’re in cages all around the Casino. Also while you’re here be sure to do the Bonus quest, all you have to do is kill 18 of the Kintan Kings inside the Casino. After freeing the Republic Citizens your quest will update and have you shut off the Slaver Control Console in the northeast portion of the casino.
After you leave the Casino before you do another quest, keep in mind that this is a perfect time to grab the Nar Shaddaa Aim Datacron.

You can find the Kintan Ringleader in southern Nikto Sector. He is marked on your map so you shouldn’t have any difficulty when it comes to finding him. After you’ve killed him do your class quest.

Whatever your class quest is for here do that after you finish all of the regular quests.

To start your “hunt” for The Mountain you will be taking the Kintan Arena Elevator in southern Nikto Sector to the Kintan Arena. Keep following the green arrow where ever it takes you while killing all the Kintan as you go. The bonus quest for here is to destroy the Weapon Cabinets in the northeastern section of the Kintan Arena. They’re on the very first level. It doesn’t matter if you do or don’t do this bonus so I won’t really go into that much elaboration about it.

Follow the green arrows until you run into The Mountain, once you do kill him and use the terminal behind him.

After doing that you have two options, if you’ve done all of the quests you can Quick Travel out of here or you can run out manually. The choice is yours. However once you’ve made the choice be sure to turn in every quest you have completed (including your class quests, we’re at the point where almost everyone gets a new companion). After you’ve turned in all of your quests and you have the new series of quests (Waylaid + your class quest) you will want to head over to the Red Light Sector. Once you’re here speak to Ilox and turn in Waylaid and accept Shore Leave.

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