Quick and Handy Online Live Three Card Poker Guide

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The most fast-paced of all table games, Live Three Card Poker online is a must for any poker fans who enjoy live casino on the side. If you love online poker games such as Texas Hold’em, then this game is easy to grasp.

Unlike other live casino games, Live Three Card Poker is not based on luck, but rather it entails an element of skill involved in your hand selection, making gameplay fun and exciting.

How do you play Live Three Card Poker?

Two bets are initially made before any cards are dealt, namely the ante and pair plus bets. The ante bet is against the dealer, while the pair plus bet pays out for poker hands of 1 pair or better. After all bets have been placed, you and the dealer will be dealt three cards and you must then decide on whether you want to play or fold.

If you opt to play your hand, then you need to place another bet equal to the ante. Your hand will be compared to the dealer’s Three Card Poker hand with 1-to-1 paid on both the ante and raise bets if you succeed in beating the dealer and the dealer’s hand qualifies. For your chance to qualify, the dealer must be holding a queen high or bets.

Strategy against the dealer

The best player strategy against the dealer is to make the play or raise wager with Queen-6-4 or better. This means playing:

  • A pair or higher
    •    King or Ace high
    •    Queen high, when your second highest card is a 7 or higher
    •    Queen high, when your second card is a 6 and your third card is a 4 or higher.

Granted that if you play only those higher hands, it would mean that you have to fold all others.

Strategy for pair plus

If you are looking to make a bigger and better win, you might want to opt for the pairs plus bet. The ante bonus also provides a good chance of big wins. Just keep in mind that when it comes to pair plus, your wins and losses are more volatile than in ante play.


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