How to Store Report Templates

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You have already noted that 100 and 101 are logically represented in binary system for four and five mangoes. Now, obviously only six and seven mangoes can be represented by 110 and 111 in binary system. You guess by your hunches that 110 in binary system should represent six mangoes and 111 in binary system should represent seven mangoes. You are absolutely correct. Why? You may now by yourself explain this to your friends.The concept that rules decimal or binary or octal or any other system of counting that uses zero as dummy variable is the same. Zero which by itself represents nothing comes into action as a joker to fill the vacuum when the number of core digits (such as 9 in decimal system, 1 in binary system, 7 in octal system) are exhausted.

Harry Tata believes that grammar and mathematics are two subjects which should be mastered by all. While grammar allows you to understand the formation of meaningful sentences, mathematics helps you understand the mystery behind numbers, counting, and calculations. As a tech support engineer, Harry Tata finds that his profession is much easier after understanding the logic behind grammar and mathematics.The Binary Compensation Plan is best known in the network marketing in industry and it is as its name suggests, TWO… two legs that is. This plan represents the number of front associates that your personal business can have. All other distributors or associates at this point are placed under those main front line members and it will continue down as long as you are building your business. The binary essentially supports a very team oriented environment which helps in the success of the team as a whole which tends to make this type of compensation plan attractive due to its support system.