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You’ll be able to see the rarities for two or three of the available Treasure Hunter chests. The other chests will remain a mystery, so you can always take your chances for an unknown rarity in these chests.

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I acclimated to feel appreciative if I would attending at my stats and gear, but now if I log into rs3 I mostly feel sad. Abnormally aback I commonly accept to abutting some pop-up about the newest promo just to attending at my stats in the aboriginal place.

So what if anyone abroad spent some money and got 99 runecrafting faster than I did? If I attending at my 99 runecrafting I don’t anticipate about how abundant it sucks that so abounding humans accept it now. I anticipate about aback if I never anticipation I would anytime accept 99 runecrafting, let abandoned 99 all skills. 8 added apparatus levels and I’ll accept a max cape. I’m appreciative of the accomplishment I put into this ambition and I will not let it be broke artlessly because added humans did it easier.

Look, you’ve consistently been able to buy xp/gp in this game. Afore microtransactions it was by affairs an annual or gp from a absolute apple trading website. Now you can do it accepted and forward that money Jagex’s way instead of allotment RWT bots. The alone amount your achievements authority is the amount you accredit it for yourself. Don’t attending at what added humans are accomplishing or how they’re accomplishing it. Alone anguish about yourself.

You’ll acknowledge your achievements abundant added if you apprentice to just stop caring about how you assemblage up to added people. Don’t analyze yourself to anyone else. Just be blessed with your own achievements.

I usually get it with something like gw2 area there is no sub fee, but a 10$ fee? I beggarly 5$ I wouldn’t apperception but 10$ is just…..yeah. Admitting if humans feel that’s what its worth, 10$/mth and accepting spammed by shitty promos and overrides, again I assumption added adeptness to their pockets?

This is allotment of the botheration and the acumen we accept so abundant MTX. $10/month is too abundant for a bold like this? Agnate MMOs amount added per month, accept MTX, crave you to pay added for expansions on top of the sub and some don’t even amend as generally as RS. We accept a analgesic accord for $10 or beneath per month.

$10 is like what? 1-2 coffees? Maybe a fast aliment meal per ages youd absence out on? I don’t get why humans are so stingy with money for agenda goods($10 for hours aloft hours of agreeable per month), but will absorb $40 on some underwear and accept no botheration with that.

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