Linux VPS hosting Vs Windows VPS hosting

One of the most important choices you have to make when selecting a virtual private server hosting in India is whether to go for a Linux VPS hosting or windows VPS hosting. Windows and Linux are two different operating systems. For web servers, Linux is the most popular operating system. As such, Linux VPS hosting has more features as compared to windows VPS hosting. Unless you run a website that needs a certain Windows applications, you should option for Linux VPS hosting. Basically, the type of operating system on your computer should not affect the type of virtual private server hosting you use.

Advantages of Linux VPS hosting


Being an open source operating system, Linux is less expensive and has no licensing costs. As compared to windows VPS hosting, Linux is between $15 and $20 cheaper. Additionally, it is also possible to find free Linux VPS downloads.

Increased Reliability

Both the Linux servers and the applications installed in them can be heavily optimized to make them use minimal system resources, including RAM. The control panel of this VPS has an optimized feature for this purpose.

Can support most popular technology

Linux VPS hosting supports most of the known technology, including LAMP, PHP, Apache and MySQL. The LAMP technology allows you to carry out URL rewriting to make PHP pages more user friendly and to serve websites from content within a database.

The advantage of Windows VPS hosting

Though not as popular as the Linux based VPS, windows based VPS have its own advantages. The main advantage of windows VPS India is that it supports ASP.NET and classic ASP scripts and web pages. The Windows VPS also comes with a few advantages over Linux VPS. Some applications, such as Microsoft Access database and MS SQL only run on a Microsoft Windows platform. If you would like o use these applications, you have to go for Windows VPS.
While Linux VPS is more popular, each of these platforms has something to offer. As such, any is good depending on your preferences and application.

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