Rising Australian Supermodel Emily Kate Johnston

International Australian Supermodel; Emily Kate Johnston had become the new face and endorser of the athletic brand, Nike.


Sydney, New South Wales, Australia – With her active and always on- the- go lifestyle it is no wonder that this Australian Supermodel had become the new partner of the sports brand known for signing and partnering up with known athletes who perfectly fits into their lifestyle criteria.


Those who had worked with the supermodel had nothing but praise for the energy and vibe she brings into the workplace and location. Many had described her to be professional, humble and fun to have around.


With her abundance of cultural experience, it is also not a surprise that she became the professional and well- rounded person she had become. The amount of experience and energy that she has may have just been the reason that Nike partnered up with her to live up and continue with their “Just Do It” mantra.


About Emily Kate Johnston


Emily Kate Johnston was Born to a Tonga/ Swiss mother and Spanish/ Irish father, Australian supermodel Emily Kate Johnston had diversity and wanderlust in her blood. Born in Auckland, New Zealand, she had been trained to live a life full of travels, with her living and working in the different cities such as Perth, Bali, Jakarta, London, Paris, and Milan she definitely has a wide knowledge and experience of the different cultural diversities of regions.


She is one of the few supermodels who had been endorsing not just fashion, or clothing lines but also living her mark when it comes to automotive, beverages, and even talent agencies she really support. Currently, she is studying to be a Vegan nutritionist, which can explain the fit body maintenance she practices.


“Do something you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”. Stated Emily Kate Johnston


Emily Kate Johnston is an international supermodel who had worked for different brands in the fashion industry, among them are: Lee jeans, JAG, Nike, and Adidas. To show her diversity and flexibility as a supermodel, she had also worked for the different known brands like Toyota, Trelise cooper, Air New Zealand, Chivas Regal, Seafolly, and LG.


Nowadays Emily Kate Johnston is being featured on Not Just Fashion Magazine.  Not Just Fashion Magazine is an online magazine. The article can be accessed here


Emily Kate Johnston – Australian Supermodel