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Moratuwa, SR, 30-AUGUST-2016 – Roshan Eranga is pleased to announce the launch of a website and blog post on the topic of customer attraction. “Sales Funnel: The Definitive Guide” is a five-stage approach which businesses can use to simplify and automate the journey to a successful campaign. A properly built approach can be used over and over for either products or services which the business offers. A description of the process and a no-charge offer can be found at

The Funnel is a system or process which can be used for simplification and automation of the marketing pathway. The system, when used correctly, provides a competitive advantage over competitors and increases the responsiveness of the product or service revenues which are achieved. The five stages are explained in user-friendly terms.

The steps are defined as: Lead Magnet, Tripwire, Product/Sales Offer; Profit Maximizer; and Customer Return Path. Each stage is important in building the relationship with a customer and ensuring that he or she will continue through the entire funnel. The Lead Magnet gives the customer the opportunity to sign up to the contact list. The Tripwire stage turns the prospect into a paying customer through the use of a small sale. At this stage, the customer provides money and the business provides the product or service. At the same time, the trust level between business and customer goes up.

Stage 3 is the core offer for the product or service that brings revenue to the business. The offer requires a specific call-to-action. The Profit Maximizer is the most valuable and highest priced offer in the 5-stage process. It may be an up-sell, cross-sell or bundle. The Maximizer may be private consulting, paid membership or coaching offers.

The Customer Return Path is the mechanism to return the customer’s attention back to the website, where they will be encouraged to purchase additional products and services. They will be offered extra incentives and exclusive offers. This form of marketing is less costly than standard print ads.

Learn more about the free bundle offer, which includes a flowchart, analysis workbook and much more at

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