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On your way down to where you need to go for Art of Interrogation swing by Mas Avaho swtor gold and turn in your Inspection quest. After you do that continue south to the Imperial Re-education Center. Down here you will want to start off by taking out the 5 Interrogation Machine Terminals and doing the bonus quest to kill 20 Imperials. Once the Bonus quest and the Interrogation Machines are out of the way head over to the Imperial Archon and take him down to complete the quest.

With the quest done you will want to return to Uli Zhensi and turn in your quest. After you turn in your quest 3 new ones will pop up, gather them up and get ready to go back out hunting! You should have “One Piece at a Time” and “Worker Justice” before leaving this area. The other quest is a Heroic +2, which you’ll want to grab if you think you can solo it or if you actually feel like finding a group. With the new quests in hand you’ll want to head south to the Elevator and take it to the Upper Office Atrium.

Northeast of the Mercenary Training Facility in the Mercenary Training Facility Barracks you’ll find Thoma’s Dead Body. Search the body for quest credit.

After you finish both of these quests Quick Travel back to the Imperial Intelligence Gadget Warehouse and turn them in. Refresh your quests in town and make sure you have the most updated version of the Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series quest. You will need to speak to T6-B9 for it. With this quest in hand head back to that elevator and take it to the High Security Lockdown. Once you’re in the High Security Lockdown section head north to the Alien Outreach Center. Pick up the quests here and turn in what you have before heading down south.

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