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PRP Treatment londonResearch shows, the platelets possess many natural growth factors. When the platelets are activated, the growth factors are released in our body. This in turn initiates the natural healing power of our body. Tendinosis is the disease of chronic degeneration of the tendon. It is a common disease that affects many people. The disease occurs due to accumulation of very tiny injuries in the tendon over time. The early symptoms include pain and disability. The platelets present in our blood play an important role in healing this disease.

Recently, the Platelet Rich Plasma treatment or PRP is being widely used as an alternative to conventional orthopedic surgeries.

Treatment process

Preparation required for the PRP treatment is quite simple and can be done quickly. However, before reaching the doctor’s clinic for the treatment, it is always better to make a booking in advance with the medical expert.

At first, a blood sample of about 10 to 20 ml is taken from the patient’s body. Then it is immediately placed in the centrifuge for nearly 5 to 7 minutes. When the centrifugation process completes, the plasma present in the sample automatically separates from the RBC (red blood cells). The rich platelets are then collected from the base of the plasma gel.

In the next step, the collected platelets are injected into the fat layer (also called deep dermis) of the skin. The platelets result in rise of collagen, which promotes the healing or the cure. This treatment procedure is commonly used in cosmetic clinics to improve aesthetic appeal of patients. Body areas that are treated by this treatment include the orbital rim (that is the region around the eyes), the cheeks and mid face, crepe-like skin on the neck, the forearms, décolletage and others.

Benefits it offers

Platelet Rich Plasma treatment offers a number of benefits. These can be summed up as following:

  • Regeneration and rejuvenation of the body tissues
  • Formation of neo collagenesis and neo vascularization
  • Extracellular matrix formation

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the treatment procedure is non-allergenic as it is the body’s own physiological product derived from the patient. Thus, there are also no chances of donor transmissible infections in this treatment.

Why patients prefer it

In order to avail the treatment, one does not need to undergo any skin test. The results of the procedure last quite long. As a regenerative treatment method, plasma rejuvenation therapy is nonsurgical. Patients are administered medicine only through injections. In other words, the treatment is painless.

As an immediate effect, patients experience swelling, redness, bruising and even a little pain across the treated area. However, these side effects normally subside within a few hours to a few days. Patients need to follow the post-treatment instructions as provided by the medical practitioner.

Usual turnaround time

Most patients normally return to their work and normal life immediately after the treatment session. However, this procedure does not provide immediate results. Collagen rejuvenation usually takes about 6 weeks depending on one’s skin condition and lifestyle.

This effective treatment is not only popular but safe too. This medical therapy is quite reasonably priced and easy for almost everyone to afford. However, it is better to get the treatment done by a reputed doctor.

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