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If you want to know how many runescape accounts got created since 1999, i can tell you that, We can only know the number of osrs gold players currently online. Around 250 million runescape accounts have been created. Some people may have more than one account.

At many given time, an average of 50-60k players are playing, with Old School 2007 Runescape gold being more popular than RS 3 EoC Runescape,surprisingly.

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You can view the data for yourself here: RuneScape Population Graph.

There are over 249,584,002 accounts on RuneScape, not all are active players though.

On the highscores, there are 1.3 million players. On the monthly highscores, there are 160,000 players. So there are at least 160k active players. There ARE more than 160k though (read the edit for elaboration). The reason I say at least 160k players are active players, is because At least 1,000 experience points within the relevant time frame is required to appear in a weekly or monthly hiscore table.

The highly anticipated Construction expansion is here!

The house viewer menu gives you an overview of your house. It can also be used to move, rotate, delete and add rooms to your house with ease.

The house viewer menu can be found within the house options in your settings tab.

Simply open the menu, select the room you wish to modify, choose the action you wish to take and click ‘Done’!

When moving and rotating rooms, the contents of your room will be saved. Never again will you have to part with everything in a room to rearrange your house!

If you find yourself trapped after moving rooms around with the house viewer menu, you can use the portal icon at the top of the menu to teleport back to your entrance portal.

Please note: If the room you’re moving is linked to another one by stairs, trapdoors or ladders, the house viewer will attempt to move the whole stack of linked rooms together. There must be available space for all of these rooms in order for the move to be possible.

EDIT: Highscores work a bit differently for Osrs 07 gold. Please know that with OSRS included, that number of active players is likely to be roughly x2 of the 160k active players from EoC Runescape, so we can make a very educated guess, that says: we have 300k+ active players. There is no convenient monthly time period with an xp requirement in osrs 07 gold, so we have to satisfy ourselves with the educated guess

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