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All of the Security Stations are easy to find since they’re glowing swtor buy credits blue. Although they’re quite spread out you shouldn’t have difficulty with this part. After you complete the 5 Security Stations objective your quest will update, telling you to Rendezvous with Agent Meldo. During these two parts you will want to do the bonus series tied to this quest. It’s really easy to do and doesn’t really require that much extra explanation.

After you rendezvous with Agent Meldo your quest will update again having you Investigate Doctor Orlian’s Laboratory. As with all objectives before it, the laboratory is marked as clear as day on your map.

Easy quest, follow the quest objectives, the map shows you exact locations of where you need to go. When you’re on the Fix the Communications Relay Power Generator part be sure to do the bonus quest “Sabotage” which requires you to kill 15 Imperials.

After you complete Relay Race you will get a new quest, “Freeing Crescent Canyon”. But first we want to do “Togruta Rescue”

For this quest all you need to do is enter the Imperial Mine, kill your way through to the quest objective and grab the Mining Drill Parts.

Once you make it inside the outpost you need to Sabotage the Anti-Aircraft East and South guns and then use the Comm Tower to signal an Airstrike. Also the bonus quest in here requires you to kill 20 Imperial Forces. Both guns are marked on your map.

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