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Quesh is the shortest planet in the game, there are only maybe twenty swtor credits for sale quests for you to do on this planet and if you go quickly you’ll be here for only about two hours tops. On your way through the Orbital Station you will come across a Republic Commando who has the first real quest for you with Quesh, “Venom Safeguards”. After you have that quest in hand continue down to the surface of the planet and grab all of the quests you see here. Also turn in what you have before getting ready to leave town. You’ll want to make sure you have the following quests before doing anything: “Venom Safeguards”, “Extracting the Scientist” and your

Easy quest, everything is marked on your map. The bonus quest tied to this one, “Heal the Workers” requires you to use the Quesh Venom Healing Adrenal from your inventory on the Poisoned Miners. They’re easy to find, no further explanation is needed. When you go to refresh your Venom Safeguards quest you will notice a quest just to the north from Gallia called “Drilling for Imps”. Be sure to pick this quest up.

Very easy quest, all the objectives are marked with exact locations on your map. Be sure to do the bonus (kill 25 Imperials) while you do this quest.

After you finish the Power Vacuum quest return to Aurek Base and turn it in. Back in base you will want to accept the next two quests, “Relay Race” and “Togruta Rescue”. The first one we’re going to be wanting to do is “Relay Race” so head up north for that.

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