Alexander, Greep & Tate Insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL Offers New Home Owners Insurance Options

Fort Lauderdale, FL – 05-September-2016 — Whether or not you are a new homeowner, you are keenly aware that your home is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Because of the expense of owning a home, you naturally want to protect your investment and the only way you can do this is through a homeowner’s insurance policy.

As an owner, you must keep up on what is trending and ever-changing in society and the insurance industry. If this is too much for you to research or follow up on, rely on a seasoned, quality-first insurance company who does know what is changing from year to year.

An experienced insurance agent, skilled and knowledgeable in the insurance industry and can keep you informed, educated, and watch the insurance industry for the sole purpose of keeping you up to date on your insurance needs.

Insurance groups such as AGTI watches over their clients, like family, to make sure customers are receiving the very best policy within their budgets and carry the proper insurance for their home, protecting the biggest investment they make. A homeowner receives a discount versus a customer who is renting a home.

Since AGTI offers protection for numerous commodities, they can bundle your homeowner’s insurance with your car insurance, for instance, and save you money every month.

New owners find that other options such as, multi-policy discount, discounts for no claims, easy payment options, first-time welcome package discounts, and senior discounts are too attractive to pass up.

Homeowners do all they can to help protect their home in the event of smoke or fire. Install smoke detectors and fire alarms for another insurance discount. AGTI recognizes this effort and will give customers discounts for installing alarms, thus a discount for maintaining a safe home give customers another break.

Many Options to Decide on for Homeowners Insurance

Our seasoned agents look at all aspects of your home and offer you options to pick from at a price you can afford. We ask that you consider the following when purchasing an insurance policy for your home.

• Consider any damages that may occur to the physical structure of the house
• Do you want to protect any building on your property such as garages or shed?
• How valuable are your personal assets within your home. How much did your furnishings, and clothing cost you and if they were damaged how much would it cost in today’s market to replace these items?
• Do you have unusual and unique assets such as expensive jewelry, furs, coin collections, valuable paintings? Consider how much it would be to replace these valuables and do you want extra coverage if there is a robbery and these items become stolen or lost in a fire?
• Once you are a homeowner, you need to think about other people coming onto your property. If the person falls and injures themselves and they decide to sue you for damages are you covered? Never believe that friends do not sue friends, it frequently happens.

Homeowners in other situations such as renting or condominium owners may have yet other options to consider. The important thing to remember is that the agents at AGTI have you adequately and affordably protected if that is your decision.

In Conclusion

A quality FL insurance broker never under protects, over protects, or minimizes a customer’s investment. Skilled agents help you make the best possible decision on coverage and gives you plenty of options to fit your insurance needs. This seasoned FL insurance broker in Fort Lauderdale guides and directs you in the decision-making process, weighing all options.
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