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Fort Lauderdale, FL — 05-September-2016 — If you do not own your home, condo, or townhouse and are just renting, your homeowner’s insurance is simply renter’s insurance. This insurance protects all of your possessions within your domain.

If a robbery occurs after a break-in, you experience water damage, or fire your belongings have coverage under your renter’s insurance policy.

A renter’s insurance policy through a quality insurance company provides you with a certain amount of money to replace your belongings that were stolen or lost in a catastrophic incident.

If you own your home, your homeowner’s insurance, become a bit more complicated, and this is why you have an insurance agent to help you sort out all of the particulars of your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Whether you own or rent, take pictures of all your valuables and keep receipts when you bought these items. These receipts have the date of purchase, price, and where you bought the item. Keep these receipts off your property in a secure location, such as a safety deposit box. This information is of vital help to your insurance company if you lose your possessions in a catastrophic event.

If you have a mortgage, you are required to have a homeowner’s insurance policy, and you must provide your mortgage holder with a copy of your current homeowner’s insurance policy. If you fail to buy a homeowner’s insurance, your mortgage company buys hazard insurance for your home, and you must pay for this plan. You never want this to happen for the reasons listed.

1. Hazard insurance is two to three times more costly than homeowner’s insurance.
2. Hazard insurance only covers the amount it costs to replace your home in the event some catastrophe destroys your home. The mortgage company wants to protect the money they loaned to you to buy your home.
3. It stands to reason that when your home damaged beyond repair, your personal belongings are likely destroyed. Hazard insurance will not pay for your personal loss. The bank does not care about your personal effects, just the house, and their investment.

A quality home owner’s insurance policy protects the structure of the house, in addition to all your belongings. It is through the efforts of a quality insurance agency that your plan focuses on your unique needs and budget.

Never worry about being over-insured or under-insured, a skilled agent figures just the right amount of coverage to more than cover your losses should be this happen. A good homeowner’s insurance policy is security for your future.

You need homeowner’s insurance from a seasoned company who you know looks after your personal needs. While you are getting that homeowner’s insurance plan, bundle your required auto insurance and other policies such as business insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, Medicare supplements and much more. Think about your dental, visual, and travel plans, in addition to your annuities.

Bundling insurances lower your monthly bill. Insurances help to build and protect your future years. Your experienced agent goes over everything with you and reviews any needed changes when it is time to renew your policy.

In Conclusion

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