The release of new product by Airwheel, intelligent bike helmet and ebike included

Innovative and productive, Airwheel has been playing an important role in the whole sector. Sometimes, Airwheel takes the lead in the whole sector in the respect of technology and design. Even it represents the latest design philosophy and the applied technology. In the year of 2016, Airwheel conducted itself productively, having rolled out a series of new products such as backpack electric bike E3 and the smart helmet C5. All of these new products have a far-reaching influence on the market and the whole sector.

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Airwheel intelligent helmet C5 integrated the practical function and the recreational purpose. By means of the recreational functions, Airwheel C5 won over a raft of customers and potential customers. With Airwheel C5, the user can take selfies at will and any time. Airwheel C5 has the ability to take a selfie of high quality in a stable way. At present, the selfie is the most popular form of photography. Airwheel C5 is seen as the patent of the young who tend to post their selfies online for views and likes from their friends. Therefore Airwheel C5 is not only a safety protection but also a tool of socialising.

Airwheel Smart E Bike is another excellent model by Airwheel in the early year of 2016. The press event where Airwheel E6 and E3 were released caused a big sensation on the spot. The model boasted its folding design, the fold-up pedals, tyres and crossbar wrapped into it. The fold-up design meets the demand of saving space.

For now, many young people worry about their limited space for storage. Airwheel e bike can save much space for storage. Hence, Airwheel e bike is the most suitable for those who have limited space. Especially, when Airwheel E3 is fully folded, it looks like merely a box, able to fit into any box or the boot.

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