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Hashs Technologies


Umar Akram


Hashs Technologies Launches Hashs App




Palo Alto, CaliforniaHashs Technologies launches hashs,an iphone app that aims to bring emotions, meaning and happiness among friends.


Hashs app helps people understand each other through simple words called hashs. User signs up through Facebook login and invites friends to hashtag their profile. Friends can hashtag user using pre­defined words or write any word of own choice including emoji. If a lot of friends hashtag user with the same word, they get silver tags followed by golden.


User’s profile includes hashscloud, a visual overview of all hashtags received. User can share the hashscloud to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


The hashtag users send is visible only to the recipient. Hashtag users received from a friend are only visible to the user. Your profile is private and can only seen by your friends. Users also have the option to report any abusive hashtags received.


“This is a social experiment among friends which will help us understand each other in a novel manner,” said Umar Akram, co­founder of Hashs app.


We also handpicked public profiles whom people can follow. Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, DJ Khaled, Salvador Dali, Lukas Graham and Noam Chomsky among others are ready to receive hashtags on Hashs app.


Link to download app for iphone at Apple App Store:


Hashs App was developed by Alex Moura, Umar Akram, Aen Tan and Omar Hussain.




Hashs Technologies, Palo Alto California. Website: