The Detail of Crablet Plunder and 50% off cheap runescape gold on RSorder for sale 9.12

Jagex has announced the month ahead in September. It features Runescape Double XP Weekend and RuneFest 2016. But it doesn’t stop here. There are some changes for runescape 3 gold and Crablet Plunder, but it doesn’t intend to gather data on players’ XP preferences.

Changes for Crablet Plunder

You’ve likely also noticed the pitter-patter of tiny crab feet this month, as the Crablet Plunder September event is already a day in. Log into RuneScape every day, and the salty crablets will bring you a daily XP reward that you can optimise. You’ll get better XP rewards for logging in on multiple consecutive days, so make sure you’re grabbing that plunder on a regular basis!

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It’s worth noting that the weekends (Saturday midnight to Sunday midnight) bring you rarer and more clawesome rewards, so it’s well worth checking in.
Crablet Plunder isn’t on purpose for data gathering

Mod Wulver has clarified that Crablet Plunder doesn’t aim to gather the data on XP preference. The data teams have dashboards of what skills players are actively training, which can be given a much better picture. So it is unnecessary to get data from Crablet Plunder. The only data they will look at is engagement with the event and retention rates vs non-crabbers.

Honestly, Crablet Plunder already knows this data. Jagex has got which skills you have maxed and lowered the priority of those skills. And also, it has been fixed that people who don’t start the invention tutorial claim to get invention xp. Currently, if you haven’t done the invention tutorial, it won’t offer you invention. This way, you should always get at least something you can use (barring any self-imposed rules like Pures). so you can avoid getting xp in a skill you don’t want. event if you don’t play, the act of logging in will keep your chain bonus up. And you don’t be punished for opting out for a day.
Instead of the invention skill, it could offer the Knowledge bundle which contains the skill. Now if you get that bundle but haven’t done the invention tutorial, you’ll only get the Divination xp from that bundle.

About Mode Wulver

Mode Wulver is the owner of the Growth team in Runescape, working alongside Mod Doctor. He rejoined Jagex back in January when Jagex started up the Growth team. The Growth team is focused on testing changes to game content and systems that can increase player retention or membership conversion. Frankly, it aims to look at what keeps player ingame and how game content affects members vs non-members.

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