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This page is extremely far from being finished. I will be working vigorously once Swtor swtor gold comes out to update this page with some of the most accurate and detailed leveling guides you can find. During beta I was able to test many of the noobie zones and I can kind of give some half way decent information from what I learned while playing but none of it will be so detailed that you can follow it step by step. It will all be a loose outline.

One thing I would like to add about Swtor that many of you don’t know and probably aren’t expecting as it is vastly different than any other game is… Each class in Swtor will have a different leveling experience since most of the main story line for each class is instanced and each class has different instances. In addition to that most of the classes have even different starting zones. Both Jedi classes on each faction will have their own unique starting zone and then the other two classes (Trooper, Smuggler) (Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent) will share a noobie zone as well.

Since Swtor has two different factions, Republic and Empire, this page will be broken up into two different sections, one for each faction. Also, in the future I may break it up further to include each of the instanced quests for each class, but I have more important guides to get done currently.

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