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Investigation has players examine evidence and follow clues to discover buy swtor gold secrets. Successful Investigation rewards Prototype schematics for all Crafting Skills, researched compounds and gifts for your companions. Investigation is most useful for players with Armstech.

Treasure Hunting rewards players with gemstones, lockboxes, and gifts for your companions. If you send your companion on a mission that can yield a gift for a companion there is a chance he will get a gift fragment, which can be turned into the Curator on Nar Shaddaa for an equivilant quality gift. Treasure Hunting is a good mission skill to have if you have the Artifice crafting skill.

Underworld Trading rewards players with rare Silks, Metals, Recipes for Cybertech, Recipes for Synthweaving, Recipes for Armormech, and Companion Items. The metals, silks and recipes are what most people pick up this profession for although the companion items are a nice bonus. To level Underworld Trading as fast as possible you will want to run the Companion Mission Crew Skills. They take the least amount of time to do out of all missions.

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