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Locked behind the Doors of Dinh for 1,000 years, the Wintertodt has worn away at their strength. With the doors weakened, the Order of the Sacred Flame must prevent the incorporeal cold from 07 runescape gold sweeping over Great Kourend.

However, the Order’s resources are limited. They need all the help they can get. To help in the fight against the Wintertodt, head north of Great Kourend or use the games necklace and talk to Ignisia.

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Once you have spoken to Ignisia and you make your way through the Doors of Dinh into the prison, you’ll have to use your Agility, Crafting, Farming, Fletching, Firemaking, Herblore and Smithing to help the Order keep the Wintertodt weak. The Wintertodt has an affinity with the cold, so wrapping up warmly will help you ward off some damage from its attacks.

Bruma roots

The key tool at the disposal of those fighting against the Wintertodt is the bruma tree. The bruma tree is able to withstand the brutal chill of the Wintertodt, making it perfect for keeping the flames weakening the spirit lit.

To aid the Order of the Sacred Flame, you can chop the bruma roots found in the prison and use them to keep the large braziers around the howling storm lit. You can also cut the logs down into kindling before using them on the braziers.

Wintertodt rewards

Supply crates are received from the city of Great Kourend to recognise the work you’ve done to defend the city from the wintery wrath of the Wintertodt. These supply crates can provide you with some some valuable rewards, a number of which are new to Old School.

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