How to Add MSN Account to Mac Mail

Add MSN Account to Mac Mail through the Help of Technical Team

The portal for MSN is quite pleasant and marvelous that people started to love it. Users could search for preferred results through striking on different link and websites. Individuals are using its messenger application for chat and accessing the mail application for it. Over here large file attachments could be send in one go and pictures could be send easily without facing any major hindrance.

Even after the enormous qualities present in MSN users may face the certain technical difficulties that can’t be eradicated through the users on their own. For that users who wants the instant MSN technical support, for that users need to do the instant connection with the technical team for MSN.

Users should now take a look over the problem that could be solved through the effort of the MSN support:

  • The account for MSN has been blocked
  • Messenger app for MSN has become unresponsive
  • Errors while doing the setup for POP/IMAP
  • Can’t create the signature for MSN application
  • Messages are keep showing the errors

Users should now take a look over adding the MSN account to Mac mail-

  • First the users should open application for MSN and should choose the button for “Preferences” from the mail menu.
  • Moreover the users suppose to choose the button for “Accounts” and are suppose to push the plus sigh under the option for “Accounts” for the addition of new account to mail.
  • Users are now suppose to enter the email address for MSN and password in the given area.
  • Added to that users are suppose to push the button for “Create” and the mail would automatically apply the required settings for the account.
  • Users are supposed to push the button for “Create” followed through the selection of “Account summary” page.

This will help the users to access the MSN account on Mac mail