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Blizzard has announced that World of Warcraft Legion has sold 3.3 million copies on launch day. The number has matched the all-time record achieved by previous expansions. Whichever you are a returning player or a newbie, it is worth for you to go and play. Cheap wow legion gold is now on hot sale on Safewow for you!

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Many new and amazing contents are introduced in Legion
It’s not by design that WOW 7.0 can score big with over 3.3M copies sold on launch day. It is mostly because lots of new contents in the new expansion are worth to expect.
For example, at PAX West, WOW patch 7.1 was revealed, featuring reimagined version of one of World of Warcraft’s most popular raids. People can explore a 5-man mythic dungeon, face Karazhan, and adventure the vrykul underworld of Helheim with a brand-new raid, the Trial of Valor.
Recently, WOW Legion Companion App is introduced in the expansion to allow players to complete Class Hall Missions on the mobile phone.
Except for all the above features, you can experience other more additions on WOW Legion, like rare world quest Kosumoth the Hungering.
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