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Breakfast has been considered the important meal of the day, and recent research has reaffirmed its nutritional benefits. Many people do not consume breakfast due to lack of time. To combat a lack of time, consumers prepare some grab-and-go items such as toasts and bagels. Toasters are technologically equipped to prevent from burnt bread toast. However, today people can get these toasters with advanced features and with latest technology. Many toasters rely on a timing circuit to release a solenoid or electromagnet which in turn releases the bread racks, along with a set of mechanical contacts for controlling voltage to the heating elements. The growth of toaster market is shaped by its functionality, technology and energy efficiency.

India Toaster Market Outlook, 2021”, the market volumes for toaster were growing with a CAGR of 6.04% over last five years. While traditionally toasters were made to simply brown a piece of bread nowadays people are looking for toasters that can provide more than one single function. Today Indian market is replete with a range of toasters that are designed to suit various requirements of consumers. Design and innovations in toasters include wider slots for larger slices of bread and bagels, heat resistant plastics for toaster bodies, and microchip controls. Also, manufactures are focusing on developing smart and self-directed toaster by integrating sensor and intelligent electric control and machine programming concept. Semi-automatic toasters incorporate some type of signal features, such as a buzzer, to announce the end of the toasting cycle. These toasters may also have a thermostat that is controlled by the surface temperature of the bread and a regulation dial to adjust the level of brownness.

Normal toasters do not have pop-up feature. The pop-up feature are in automatic toasters which are also called pop-up toaster in which the heating element is connected to a thermostatic switch or timing device. Pop-up toasters come in 2-slice and 4-slice varieties and are specifically designed for toasting bread. The dials on pop-up toasters control an internal timer which adjusts how long bread is in the chamber, and once the internal time is up, the toast pops up. Toasters are also used for commercial proposes and most commercial pop-up toasters have larger slots to accommodate large slices or bagels. The present invention toaster is having indication such as a flashing LED and/or audible buzzer that are used to inform the user that the bread is jammed in the toaster. The LEDs are arranged in a radial pattern around a rotary control knob, and are sequentially turned on and off as the knob is rotated by the user for selecting the desired toast shade for their bread toast.

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