Introduction of new products of Airwheel: C5, S8 and E3 smart Foldable electronic bike

The release of new products means a lot to a firm, especially who is intent on promoting its products and putting it on the map in the current market. So does Airwheel. Airwheel aims to enter the international market and get its new products to every country so that its electric self-balancing scooters are available and affordable to every customers. Last year, Airwheel was a productive scooter-maker. And this year, Airwheel has been keep its high momentum, rolling out a series of revolutionary products.

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The first brilliant new product is Airwheel smart helmet C5, which was released in the year of 2016. The smart helmet C5 integrated the practical function and the recreational function, which caused a big sensation in the current market. When other competitors were torn between the two functions, Airwheel was not mired in the yoke of the trade-off. Instead, Airwheel wrapped the two functions into Airwheel C5. Wearing Airwheel C5, the rider will be shielded from getting hurt during the ride. The entertainment function provides the user with the ability to take selfies. As the most popular form of photography, the selfie is the useful tooling for socialisation.

The next one is the two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S8. This model is famous for its dual mode of ride. This excellent innovation offers the rider the opportunity to choose between the sit-on mode and the stand-on mode. Once a rider steers Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter for a long time and feels tired, he could sit on the comfortable saddle for a while. And then he stands on the electric self-balancing scooter for a better view.

Being an eye-opener, Airwheel backpack electric bicycle E3 is proud of its folding designs. The fold-up pedals, tyres, saddle, and crossbar are wrapped into Airwheel E3. These fold-up designs enhance the portability of Airwheel E3 folding electric bike . It can be easily stored under the office desk. That explains why they are popular with the young staff.

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