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This quest has a different name depending on your class but it requires you to go to buy swtor credits the Jedi Temple either way. To get there you’ll want to follow the road south from the Gnarls Outpost. Where you’re going is marked clearly enough on your map, you shouldn’t have difficulty finding it. On your way there kill the pure albino (white) flesh raiders. They are part of a bonus mission. (The Flesh Raider Lurkers are the ones I am talking about)

For this quest you will need to use a computer terminal at the area around you to summon Mark I droids. Once you’ve done that you will need to destroy them to complete the quest and then turn it back into Liam Dentiri. After you’ve done that it’s time to do those pesky class quests

Do whatever is marked as a”Class Quest” under your missions window until you’re finished at the Jedi Temple and get a quest that leads you east to Kalikori Village. Once you’re in Kalikori Village grab all available quests and refresh your class quest. Now, let’s get started with…

This quest is extremely easy. All you need to do is follow the path north of Kalikori Village lighting the brazers as you go. You can’t miss them they’re all along the path and glowing blue. Also while you’re on this path be sure to kill any Fleshraiders you see, there is a bonus quest to eliminate them on your way up.

After you finish The Thousand Steps quest head back down through Kalikori Village and out the southeastern end towards the quest area. Next quest you will be doing is…

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