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Once you’re done the regular quests here you’ll want to do your Class Quest. After you’re finished swtor credits your final quest here I recommend Quick Traveling back to Kalikori Village to save some time.

Once you’re back in Kalikori Village turn in all of the quests you just completed and fly back to the Jedi Temple with your one Class Quest in hand. Once you land talk to Liam Dentiri again and accept the Combat Leadership: Mark II Droids quest. Do this quest and turn it in before heading into the Jedi Temple to train your new skills. After you’ve trained your new skills exit the temple and head south, following the path away from the Jedi Temple. You’ll run into Master Silvarte whom has your next quest. Accept the quest from him and further south pick up the quest from Padawan Fia. With both quests in hand follow the path to reach the next town.

After talking to Master Till’in in town you’ll want to make sure you have “Lovers and Secrets”, “The Last Defenders” and your class quest. First up is…

Really easy quest, all you have to do is speak to the lovers and choose whether or not you want to expose them. I normally expose them just because it saves me some running back up here in the future to collect my Lightsaber Gem but the choice is up to you.

This quest will be the first quest where you need to use an item from the Mission Items window in your inventory. It’s easiest to place this item onto one of your quick bars and use it that way instead of having to open up your inventory each time you want to use it. Also the bonus quest for this mission requires you to kill 15 of the droids in Lower Kaleth. Do both.

After you complete this quest head northeast of Lower Kaleth and accept the quest from the Flesh Raider Backpack.

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