Identify The Right Sony PlayStation Customer Support

Sony is a Japanese MNC that deals in consumer electronics and gaming devices and software all over the world. PlayStation 4 is one of the devices developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Other device includes computers, mobile phones, televisions, cameras, creative software and many more.

PlayStation 4 is also known as PS4 all across the world. Launched in November 2013 in North America, Europe, South America and Australia, it was developed in Japan in February 2014.

Sony PlayStation headquartered in Tokyo is the biggest gaming service the world. It gives employment to more than one lakh people all over the world. Working for more than 70 years, its PlayStation series has attracted the most number of users. Its PlayStation series 3 and 4 has dominated the whole gaming market.

playstation ps4 support

Their customer care team is ready to provide support to a customer through PlayStation network customer service whenever they need any help.

The features which the PlayStation 4 supports are:

  • It is packed in 64bit processor
  • DDR5 memory of 8 gigs
  • Store games, apps, screenshots and videos with 500GB and 1TB options
  • Remote Play
  • Sharing your gaming experiences
  • Play games as they are downloading
  • Video sharing features
  • Voice chat

PlayStation PS4 Contact Number

The Sony PlayStation Customer Service Contact Number gives you direct access to technical support and the customer services team. The support is available round the clock and users can get their queries solved by dialing the number and contacting the PlayStation support team. Sony Ps4 Repair Support helps in repair support for your PS3 and PS4 device when it is not working correctly. If you are experiencing problems with your PSN account and can’t connect to the service, then contact Sony ps4 customer support.