What will happen if you don’t brush your teeth regularly?

What Happens If You Don't Brush

Teeth is one of the strongest feature of the body which needs the utmost care. With the help of the teeth, people can flaunt their looks, and also chew their food. Taking proper oral care of it is something one might want to consider. If not, then the consequences are the best not talked about. But this article does concentrate on talking about the consequences only.

What Happens If You Don't Brush


Taking the right steps of looking after the teeth:

Now one may want to know that what are the exact ways of looking after one’ set of teeth? Well for the starters, checking with the tooth paste and the brush is the best option. If the brush is about two to three months old, it is high time, it needs changing. Flossing the teeth is something our parents has taught us regardless how very forgetful we turned out to be. So flossing should be actually taken very seriously.

Additional tips:

One might just want to know that they do not need to brush their teeth immediately after a meal. This may sound heart breaking, but that is the fact. After one completes their meal, their enamel is really in a weak state. This is the exact time when the work of brush on it can beautifully rip of the coating. It takes nearly a minimum of 20 minutes for the saliva to work on the enamel again, to bring it back to a working state.

The two of the very best times, when people should brush their teeth is the morning that is just before the breakfast and the night, just before one can go to sleep.

Things that one should necessarily avoid:

The following are the most important things that should be avoided in order to maintain healthy teeth:

  • Alcohol: Alcohol is a bad influence of the health of teeth. It is supposedly one of the worst possible thing that can happen to the teeth. It is too very high on the sugar content and consuming it can be really very terrible for the enamel. Also it attracts highly acidic stomach fluids that weakens the teeth.
  • Smoking: just like its ill influence on the other parts of the body, smoking has its cons on the teeth too. The smoking is the reason why the beautiful pearl white teeth gets stained and that too with almost unresolvable stains. Also it leads to high chances of cancers in the mouth and also gum diseases that can be fatal. And a forever yellow teeth is an addition that no one needed.
  • Sugar: sugar needed a special mention as it is not only found in alcohol. Sugar is the most threatening elements to the teeth and can be found in many and most of the products that may suit people’s palate. High consumption of soda pops, or candies can be dangerous to teeth. Treating on favourite desserts and favourite sweets at regular intervals should be stopped too.

The very Common Problems:

Now, you know how to look after your teeth, let’s look at some of the problems that might arise if you fail to follow the steps outlined above.

The decay:

The Plaque, is something that plays an important role in the formation of tooth decay. The bacteria that are present in the plaque causes the sugar to turn into an acid. This acid gets to cover the entire set of teeth. This will in turn effect the health of the enamel. The acid will disintegrate the enamel in the worst possible way. The enamel will slowly but steadily disappear and thus the bacteria will manage to enter the dentine. When the cavity reaches there, it will be nothing less than a disaster. The saliva can be called as the saviour here, but how does it work? It helps in spreading minerals on the teeth, which in turn helps the enamel and thus saves the teeth. Visit to your local Catford Dental Practice and consult with an expert which can help to maintain healthy teeth. It is a must thing to do.

How to do this the best way?

Avoidance of high sugar products are the best ways. The saliva will fall short of repairing if too many high sugar products are consumed. Chewing the gums which has no sugar in it can help in creation of additional saliva.

The gum disease:

The problem with the gum disease is that the disease is not only concentrated on the gums but also turns its quick attention to the bones. The structure that manages to hold the teeth together is attacked by these diseases. The early stage of gum disease can be fought with not much problem. The gum disease of gingivitis, if is allowed to continue, can actually pull apart the set of teeth. This entire thing happens because of the again unavoidable, plaque.

How to avoid the problem?

People should actually take small steps in helping the teeth with the plaque. They should get rid of food products that are high in sugar as well as the acid contents. People by no means should have food that are rich in the sugar content and brush regularly but just not right after meals.

The erosion:

The teeth can be really affected by the ill acid effects and this is one point is already discussed. The upper part that is the enamel is destroyed, as well as the dentine gets destroyed too. One should understand that the moment the dentine gets erode, the cavity and the bacteria will tear the teeth apart. This will lead to a killing pain in the teeth and a little limits where one will require a replacement of the teeth.

How to control it the best way?

One should understand that controlling the teeth diseases need nothing but proper maintenance. With the very first step of controlling the erosion, that is the step of brushing and flossing regularly, one can stop this from appearing at all.

If one wants to maintain their teeth in a good shape and flaunt about it then regular visit to a dentist is must.