Academic Excellence through Socio-Economic-Cultural Factors

Education is must for everyone; it is the best legacy a state can give to her citizens, because the development of any depends on the quality of education. It is believed that the basis for any development begins with the improvement of human resources. On the other hand, education serves as a vehicle for socio- economic development and mobilization of society. The socio-economic factors affecting student’s academic excellence are;

  • Quality of parents and family background
  • Interest in subjects
  • The environments where he lives
  • Health and Fitness of the student
  • Competitive approach with the friends or neighbors
  • Interest in private tutors and tuition centers.

Quality of parents and family background

Quality of the parents and family background plays an important role in student’s academic achievement. Child’s usually possess poor academic performance and achievement if he has poor parental care with unpleasant deprivation of social and economic needs. Like that good parenting with strong economic family background could develop strong academic achievement of the child.

Interest in subjects

Interest in the subject is very important. The child should be properly counseled in the choice of his/her courses and career that matches his interest and mental ability.  If he chose the course which interests him, he will concentrate on study without any force from parents and teachers; otherwise he will not care his study and career and he may seek help from online custom essay writing service for fulfilling his academic tasks.

The environments where he lives

It is true that the environment plays an important role in the improvement of children. Markets and industries located near the houses or school is a threat to students. Different pollutions from these sources have always spoil students’ life and concentration. Therefore for a successful learning and high academic performance, it is better to reside far from highly polluted areas.

Health and Fitness of the student

Results show that there is a major relationship between fitness and academic achievement. Most of the students lack good health and fitness due to anxiety, lack of time and care. Such students cannot concentrate on their study; they will have to face diseases regularly. Thus to promote fitness teachers and parents should increase the opportunities for physical activities such as exercises, yoga etc to enhance academic achievement.

Competitive approach with the friends or neighbors

 Life is full of healthy and unhealthy competitions. Competition is healthy when students show each other; it will help them to develop more in their study.  It will become unhealthy when the competitive mind is injected by parents and teachers for full filling their selfishness. Such unhealthy competition will cause children unduly anxious, that will affect their performance and creativity, or that will make them uninterested. Unhealthy competition will lead a student to depend on a custom essay writing service for completing his assignments for gaining high grade.

Interest in private tutors and tuition centers

Today, tuition centers are common in our society, and parents can’t imagine their children’s study without private coaching. Children should get time for entertainments; otherwise his life will be boring. After school time if he want to go to tuition center he will not get time to complete his homework and assignments, it will force him to choose custom essay writing service. It is difficult to identify a legitimate custom essay writing service. Be very careful in choosing the custom essay writing service.