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The professional procurement of consulting services continues to pose challenges in entities. This practical course will address how to procure consulting services based on the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015 and international best practices for development protects. Tendersontime, a leading business leading  Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Unit 1: Introduction: Types of consulting services, quality of service, eamomy, efficiency, equality, Fairness, transparency, eligibility, conflict of interest, and competition; differences in procuring consulting services versus goods, works, and other services: consultancy procurement plan.

Unit 2: Selection Methods: The choice and use of consultant selection methods: Quality and cost based selection; quality based selection; least cost selection, fixed budget selection: consultant qualification selection: individual consultant selection; and single source selection.

Unit 3: Terms of Reference: Preparing the terms of reference, market cost estimates and budgeting for consultancies, consultant deliverables and outputs, consulting firms versus individual consultants.

Unit 4: Expression of Interest: Preparing request for expression of interest; use of consultant register. receipt and evaluation of applications, professional opinion, consultant shorthst; approvals.

Unit 5: Request for Proposal: Letter of invitation; drafting request for proposal document; preparing the data sheet: setting evaluation criteria: general and special conditions of contract; contract forms.

Unit 6: Proposal Evaluation: Preliminary examination: technical evaluation: financial evaluation; combined evaluation: post qualification and due diligence, writing proposal evaluation report: contract negotiations by each method; pkOCurement professional opinion; contract award.

Unit 7: Contract Management: Drafting consultant contract for lump sum and time based; contract implementation teams: monitoring consultant performance’, managing price variations. progress payments: inspection and acceptance of services: contract close out.

Target: Supply chain Managers, procurement managers, supply chain officers, procurement specialists, procurement officers, project officers, consultants, contract implementation teams, inspection acceptance committee; internal auditors: external auditors, compliance officers: risk officers: user department staff: donor dev010Pment Protects staff.


Mode: The training is delivered using practical adult learning methods. brief presentations. individual quizzes, group exercises, case studies and field visit to a development protect.

Certificate: The participants will be awarded a Certificate of Practical Training in Procurement of Consulting Services. Our Trainee Satisfaction Index is 4.5 out of 5.0.

Fees: The fee value is KES 78,000 exclusive of accommodation.

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