Trending Artist – Young Dread Announces the Launch of the Most Awaited Album, ‘King Micah’

Young Dread commented, “This is my best album ever”!!!

Highly trending and widely popular Atlanta-based International Urban music artist – Young Dread finally, after a long wait – announces the release of his new album titled ‘King Micah’(

Young Dread is highly excited about this new album of his and he is positive that people will most definitely love his style of music, as it is unique by now and there are no other artists that are doing such work; so people will get a chance to be introduced to Geechee Gullah Culture which has a major influence in Dread’s music Question.

King Micah is not going to be ‘the same old’ kind of music album with ‘the same old’ kind of rap, but people will find Young Dread’s music fresh and new as it is unique and completely different from what other artists are producing. King Micah is not an album made for ‘money making’ purpose only, like other albums that are nowadays readily available in the market, but Young Dread has put a lot of time and efforts in making this album unique and something different for everyone. Each and every song of King Micah is well put together by Young Dread and the entire album has a strong link with the rich Gullah-GeeChee music culture.

The best thing about this album is that this album caters a large age group, from young teenagers till Middle-aged people – everyone will find something for themselves in this album. This album is beyond just audio pleasure, but it also educates people about the rich Gullah-GeeChee music culture.

“I have that layer-back reggae flow to an up-tempo beat. I have to say, it puts people in a relaxed state of mind, yet has them wanting to learn the lyrics of the songs because they are so catchy. There is so much history attached to me and my style of music. It turns out that this music is derived from a group of people that live in the Sea Islands of South Carolina. My people have a rich history, going all the way back to the civil war era till now – there is a lot to know about my people and style of music, so this album will introduce you to the rich Gullah-GeeChee music culture”, stated Young Dread.

King Micah will be available on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play Music and other preferred multimedia centers, so anyone can easily download it without any hassle. For more information, please go to

Young Dread is a widely popular and highly recommended Atlanta-based International Urban music artist, who is known for his unique style of music.

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