Participation in Productivity Improvement

The Goverment of Kenya is committed to undertaking bold and strategic economic reforms needed to promote taster and sustainable economic growth employment creation and sustainabk development This is in line with Kenya‘s Vision 2030. That aims to transform Kenya into a globally competitive and newly industrialized midair income country by the year 2030. The Government established the National Productivity and Competitiveness Centre (NPCC) to spearhead produanity MOvenWflt in Kenya a one way of achieving accelerated economic growth by ensuring business enterprises in Kenya become competitive through productivity improvement. Tendersontime, a leading business leading  Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

The mandate of NPCC includes:

(a)To increase productitity awareness in the country.

(b)To implement produetnity improvement practices within enterprises.

(c)To promote productivity measurement.

(0) To promote KermEs global competitiveness.

Benefits of productivity impromment ProductMemellects the efficiency and   with serkh resources are combined and utilized it an economically and environmentally sustainable manner to produce quality of goods and services. The benefits of panKpating product icy improvement prograrmses include increased proltabdity, reduction in waste, creating a better working environment improving quality of goods and services, among others.


NPCC intends to anted companies interested in partnering with it to implement productivity improvernan activities to enable NPCC meet the following Objectives:

  1. a) Upscale its productivity improvement activities

0) Extend the Centre’s reach to more enterprises across the Country

  1. c) Diversity its range of Serives to enterprise

Selection Criteria:

The National Productidly and Competitiveness Centre &MCC) now ewes interested companies to indicate their interest in participating in productivity improvement activities. Interested companies, in the manufacturing sector should:

  1. a) Provide profiles including;
  • Nomeioddresa and PEnnical location al the company
  • Natured business and range of products manufactured
  • Key market(s)
  • Estimated tummy and asset base
  1. b) Have at least SO employees
  2. c) Indicate top management commitment to oversee the Productivity Improvement (PI) consultancy to its logical Caton bycommining resources and time and be committed to working all NPCC consultants and implementing suggested measures to address identified operational challenges.
  3. d) Be ready to avail any information required to assist the consultant develop and imptement appropriate PI strategy for the company

Completed EOI and accompanying documents should be submitted by 12 Oct,2016 at 10.00 hrs (East African Time) in a plain sealed envelope and dearly marked ‘EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR PARTKIFATION IN PRGOUCTIVITT IMPROVEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES THROUGH NPCC and be deposited in the tend., box provided at le floor NSSf building block Ave be mailed by 1 laOctober Ulf to:

The Prindpal Secretary – State Department of Labour

Ministry of East African Community, labour and Social Protection

Social Security House Block A, 6th Floor

P.O. Box 40126 . 00100, Nairobi Kenya

For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email at or register on the website:

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