Live Blackjack At Genting Casino

Genting Casino is delighted to announce their Live Blackjack, which is available to play online now. Live Blackjack brings this classic casino game to life and streams it directly into the player’s home; there’s no longer any need to get all dressed up and leave the house to play!


Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular casino games and the reasons for this are clear, it is a fast paced and fun game in which the only person standing between the player and big money is the dealer. The question the player will have to answer is do they want to stick or twist?


Before players could play Live Blackjack online the personal touch which comes with playing in a land casino was missing from online versions of the game but Genting Casino’s Live Blackjack changes that. This immersive experience with a real dealer gives the feel of a real casino and creates the atmosphere that gamers love.


Blackjack is one of the simplest casino games to play and takes no time at all to learn. It’s suitable for players of all skill levels – whether players are already a master of the table or a first time player, the game is a thrilling ride.


Although winning is always fun, even when it is against an anonymous computer, play Live Blackjack and experience what it is like to beat the dealer up close. The personal element of the game is what makes it unique and there is nothing better than seeing that dealer as they lose a hand, seeing the winning pot increase in size helps out with adding to the excitement too. That extra jolt of adrenaline which will be familiar to regular players at land casinos is not missing from Live Blackjack online at Genting Casino.


It is available to play now, there is no reason to delay, the dealers are ready and waiting for new players to take on the challenge of playing Live Blackjack online. Players really will not be disappointed by this new and exciting offering from Genting Casino.


Celebrating more than 50 years, Genting Casino is a thriving part of the international Genting group of companies and has itself grown into a world-wide success, with interest all around the globe. The Genting Group is one of Malaysia’s largest and most respected corporations – a multi-award-winning company that yields a market capitalisation of more than US $33billion, 4,500 hectares of prime resort land and more than 35,000 employees across the world.

Contact:  Janie Rabet