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Lots of people want to appeal to jagex for unban the runescape account, here is a comments written by a normal osrs players:

Originally released in September 2007, the Ourania Altar can be used to craft pure essence into a random selection of runes. You receive runescape 2007 gold double the usual experience for each of the runes crafted at the altar, and the runes you receive will improve with your Runecrafting level.

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The Ourania Altar would be located just south of West Ardougne within the Ourania Cave. You can access the cave using the trapdoor found next to the Zamorakian altar.

I took roughly a 5 month break from Runescape 3. Since i know old school runescape, i decided to return for making osrs gold for sale, On my return to my shock two of my three accounts had had there password and email addresses changed. I had no problem in recovering the accounts as im the original owner. One of them had been perm banned for real word trading! and the other account Ive had an informal email warning me not to share or trade my account/real world trade. I got this a few days after recovering the accounts back. How do i go about letting Jagex know im not trying to trade real world things and could they please assist me on unbanning my account?

Regarding the account that was permanently banned for RWT, there’s not really a lot you can do about it as permanent bans cannot be appealed. The email that you received about your account sounds like a fake, Jagex do not email you to warn you about any offences that your account may have, this is something that can be see in your account settings instead.

Jagex doesn’t appeal perma bans right now. You might have been hacked while you were away but keep in mind that account security is your responsability. It’s your responsibility as a player to keep your account secure. I would suggest every runescape account owner set up Authenticator.

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