Law Office of Rick Koenig in Sedalia MO, Helps Families with Wrongful Death Legal Issues

Sedalia MO, 23-September-2016 — The law office of Rick Koenig handles personal injury, workers’ compensation and wrongful death, amongst others. He is a Sedalia wrongful death attorney who can help the families of those killed in automotive accidents, work accidents and other incidents that are the fault of a third party.

Wrongful death is one of Rick Koenig’s specialties. The law involved is extremely complicated, but he has been doing this work for thirty years and obtained compensation for thousands of people for both death and injury. He can handle both settlements and trials – often, settling out of court can give the best outcome for the lowest costs. According to Missouri law, the spouse, children or lineal descendants of children can sue, as can parents. Siblings and the descendants of siblings may sue if there is nobody in that category – so, as you can see, even that determination can be complicated. The claim must also be filed within three years. A good lawyer can help you establish if you have a case and file within the time limit, especially if the family has had to wait for a lengthy police investigation. In many cases, a civil suit is the one recourse left if there is not enough evidence for criminal prosecution. Civil suits have a lower standard of evidence and it is easier to get damages than to obtain a conviction. Also, civil damages can be sought in cases of negligence. Also, once a claim has been filed it needs to be actively pursued. If a judge decides you are not serious about your claim, then they may rule to dismiss. Thus, you should make sure you have a lawyer before you file a claim, rather than looking for one afterwards.

A law firm can help the family obtain the compensation they deserve for funeral expenses, medical bills, pain and suffering and the value of the deceased’s wages, benefits, even childcare they were providing to the family. They can determine whether a settlement is better than going to court and make sure the family gets the best possible result.

It is unwise for a family to attempt to handle the suit themselves, as they are likely to get it dismissed because of their lack of knowledge of the specific law – this is why lawyers tend to specialize in a few areas rather than trying to handle everything. In other words, the family needs to hire a lawyer with the specialized knowledge needed to fight for their rights.

In the case of a wrongful death suit in Missouri, there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration. A family should seek the best lawyer they can find, and one which specializes in wrongful death and related suits. The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisement.
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