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Jagex has announced that they want gear progression to be more important to rs3 gold the average player. Future mobs will become more powerful, wielding level-appropriate gear will become a necessity, and weapon drops from bossing and slaying will have more relevancy.

And what about skillers?

The Tombs of Menaphos will be a skill-based activity, designed to test not only our skill levels, but our proficiency with skilling techniques and knowledge of efficient methods. It will be timed, and it will have risk – something that has thus far been missing from skilling.

The rewards? RS Items that are “useful for skillers.”

This is a problem.

Skilling today is mainly a method of raising one’s skill level. Not of making money or feeding into further endgame content. And rewarding skillers by flooding the market with more worthless rs tems that would otherwise be produced by gatherers does not help them with anything but raising their skill levels.

If gear is going to become more important, skillers need to be an integral part of that equation.

Much of our newer pvm content is designed to reward the persistent slayer/bosser with untradeable rare drops that can eventually be combined into a high profit runescape item. Kill one boss and the reward might be negligible. Kill 1000 and it’s vast.

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