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Jagex has announced that they want gear progression to be more important to the runescape 3 gold average player. Future mobs will become more powerful, wielding level-appropriate gear will become a necessity, and weapon drops from bossing and slaying will have more relevancy.

What if we moved some of this reward over to skillers?

The Tombs of Menaphos, with their focus on luck and player ability, are the perfect opportunity for this. What if highly successful runs of the tomb had a chance to drop high level weapon components? Components that could be combined with component drops from bosses or high level slayer monsters to produce our next tier of weapon?

The process of high level crafting itself should also be meaningful. Not like Ports gear, where the ‘difficulty’ all comes from the time investment of materials gathering, and the moment of craftsmanship is pressing a button and waiting 2 seconds.

Ceremonial Swords are a good prototype for what Jagex should aspire to in high level crafting. Crafting the best gear in the game should be an intricate process, taking a few hours, not a few minutes. Something on the order of ceremonial swords, incorporating a lot of player judgement and a little bit of RNG, but more complex. Each piece of a weapon should be crafted separately – an expertly made pommel, a good grip, a perfect blade, etc. And, there should be room for gradations in quality for each tier. A sword made of a good grip, excellent pommel, and perfect blade may be merely excellent, but a sword made of all perfect components would be perfect – the highest level.

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