Entering The Field Of Big Data Requires The Right Skill Set


                Every page you visit, every search and every transaction you make on the internet is being monitored.  No, its not the government watching you, but data being collected by companies for conducting market research, analyzing trends etc.  This information is stored in huge volumes and then recalled for when it is needed for whatever purpose the company might need it for.  This data mine has opened a new career path in big data, which requires more qualified individuals than presently exist.

5 Skills To Land Your Job In Big Data

Data Analysis – having a background in mathematics or statistics already puts you ahead of the game.  The big data boom has seen people with a background in quantitative analysis moving from the stock market to big data.  With the huge amounts of data out there, the real money is data analysis.  The analysis you can provide with the data companies have collected will prove to be gold, making you invaluable.

Data Visualization – Knowing how to use tools such as Tableau or Qlikview can give you the competitive edge you need if big data is your field of choice for a career.  Knowing how to use such tools can reveal hidden details and shape the data which can alter the course of action a company takes.

Programming Languages – The rise in need for data analysts with a background in computer programming has risen significantly.  Knowing your basics of languages such as Java [Java Classes in Pune] or C will enable you to dictate the path your career takes and give you the edge over the competition, creating a niche for yourself.

Hadoop – the most popular big data platform.  Knowing your way around Hadoop as a proficient technician, will give you the freedom to choose from several job offers, making you hot property and highly in demand.

Creative Problem Solving – At the end of the day, you can have all of the above required skills, which will mean nothing if you cannot interpret your way through the data to find a solution.  The ability for having logical reasoning, creative thinking and problem solving skills will enable you to write your own destiny in the area of big data [Big Data Classes in Pune].