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If you don’t care about PvP or do not take runescape 07 gold it seriously enough or if you were one of those players who did not care about the pvp community on the launch of EoC and were glad that they were gone feel free to click the red X.

PvP should be taken seriously in development and should not just be blown off because the majority of players to not care about it.

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I will be honest…I do not PvP at all (only in minigames) or take it seriously. What I mean is that I do not fight seriously or take my loses seriously because Runescape is just not made for PvP. There are many integral problems of runescape that make PvP not really PvP.

I want to try and point out these problems to explain why Bounty hunter and death match will ultimately fail…


One of biggest reasons why PvP will fail is because of the community itself. Players just simply do not want to risk their items that they have worked hard for.

Even if the PvP system was good and enjoyable, in order to have a decent chance you would have to pretty much bring end-game gear and noone wants to lose all of their hard work and time just because of a simple fight

There is also the mentality of the PvP community…I think Jagex needs to know the kind of players they are trying to please…

These players are the kind of players that ragequit when their health to their opponent’s health is 50%-77%. Most of them are the kind of players that choose the long-range character, spam their attacks and when they win without losing health they message you “Good game”

This is not a troll it is actually serious. I even think Jagex already knows what the PvP community consists of. The update to the wilderness in an attempt to lure skillers who most likely will have no gear and will not be able to retaliate is proof enough. I think Jagex made the wildy skill update just FOR these players.

If the intended player group for PvP does not actually want REAL, difficult strifes, then how do they expect the future update to even be good for them?

It is not just the PvP community that has a deep problem such as this. The majority of players do not like PvP, so they could care less about it…Even though their dislike for PvP is kind of justified, that does not mean Jagex should not try and make it better…

Ultimately, the players need to be willing to risk to make PvP work. But if noone wants to risk and bring decent gear then fights will just be a joke and that is part of the problem.

If Jagex makes the PvP system decent, but noone wants to play because of the reasons stated above…How is PvP ever going to work?

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