learned that floor users generally

Average quality of satisfaction: 97% Reporters learned that floor users generally recognized the quality of the brand floor, the average satisfaction of 97%. Although the details there are some minor problems, but users said businesses will soon self-improvement.park bench

Dekor floor, Harbin, head of Yuejing Yue, said: “With quality to win customers to serve the market, not only to ring out, but also do solid. Over the years, the holy elephant has been the quality-driven forward , For consumers to come up with good products, this is the main reason for consumers to recognize us. “Industry sources said that with the improvement of living standards, quality, beauty, environmental health become the focus of consumers to buy the floor.park flooring

The floor of the enterprise dare to show the production base in real terms, is that these enterprises are confident in the quality of their products, but also shows the domestic floor more and more emboldened enough. Average price satisfaction: 80% The reporter learned that the average price of consumer satisfaction on the floor about 80%, whether high-end consumers or low-end consumers, there are some that the price of some brand flooring high. Some users believe that if these brand floor prices lower, will win a bigger market.outdoor flooring