Property Investing Fundamentals – Choose Your Neighbor Advertising

A quite effective, yet frequently overlooked method of marketing both your leases and your houses on the market is door to door flyers in the area of your property. Residents who live near your property will probably know someone – a friend, co-worker or relative in the marketplace for home that they’ll pass on your flyer to. It’s also possible to bring the direct attention of a neighbor who’s prepared to purchase or move up/down in their home. Get more information about zack childress co wholesaling

If you do not mind running around the area yourself and are local, this strategy will only cost you a few hours plus the cost of printing. If you’re have better things to do, or just unavailable for the distribution, paying someone to give out flyers is hardly expensive and incredibly cost effective if it results in a sale or qualified renter placement. If you are paying someone to do it remember to do a quick drive through of the area to ensure the flyers are given out.

As for the content of the flyer, it is worth it to take some quality photos of the inside and exterior of the home. Be sure to feature these in full color along with some of the basic specs of the home, if your chief selling point is the quality of the property. If you are advertising a rent to own that is a very great price, make certain your evaluation of the numbers is prominent and readily comprehended. Also, be sure to highlight that this is an opportunity for them to pick their new neighbor and that this property is in their neighborhood. Lastly, do not forget to include complete contact information: if you have one fax number, your telephone number, email address and 24 hour recorded info line.

A more expensive variation of the method will be to use direct mail to target the neighborhood of your property. Again, you will want to tailor your marketing message to tell them that this is their opportunity to determine the neighborhood by helping to pick the new neighbors. To maximize your exposure, try using direct mail distribution procedures and both flyer, timed apart to make sure that as many neighbors as possible get your message which you have an excellent property on the market or rent in their own neighborhood.