What is Premium American Roulette?

Genting Casino is pleased to announced the arrival of Premium American Roulette. Play Premium American Roulette online now at Genting Casino and get a taste of live casino action from the comfort of the sofa. Premium American Roulette online is the US version of the traditional European game, and for players looking for a slight variation on the classic game, it is the perfect solution.

Roulette has been a favourite in land casinos for as long as they’ve existed; given the undeniable thrill, and the chances to win big, that the game provides, it is easy to understand why. Now, with the popularity of online casinos increasing more and more, the options for players looking for their next favourite table are vast. Play Premium American Roulette at Genting Casinos now, and find out what all the fuss is about.


Premium American Roulette Premium American Roulette offers many advantages over its traditional counterpart. It has superior graphics and sounds, meaning that it adds an extra dimension of realism to gameplay and players are able to choose the setting that is best for them. There is an extra zero on the Premium American Roulette wheel to the ordinary European wheels, which gives players even more betting options. This is just one of the reasons that many die hard online casino fans are turning their attention to Premium American Roulette.


As with standard roulette, the aim of the game is to guess where the ball will come to rest when it has finished spinning around the wheel. The player takes complete control of where they place their bets and how much their bets come to, meaning that they can choose how much or how little to risk with each turn. There are lots of different options for betting in roulette. Players can bet on single numbers, black or red, odds or evens, high numbers or low, or they can also spread their bets and cover as many different options as possible, thereby increasing their chances of winning – and they’d be smart to do this.


Premium American Roulette is a great online take on the traditional game and it’s available to play at Genting Casino now.
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