Hej, A Easier Way to Communicate

For immediate release

Hej, A Easier Way to Communicate

September 30 2016, 09:11 ET

London, UK:

Having trouble keeping up with all the different chat applications? Hej combines various chat, messaging and email services into one application. Hej also allows you to add each service multiple times making it perfect for managing multiple business and private accounts.

Hej initially started out as an informal project among friends. Subsequently a desktop application for Windows, Mac and Linux was developed. Hej currently allows you to add 23 unique services.

Now Hej is seeking funding on Kickstarter to improve the user interface of the app and to add more services. The team is also looking into translating Hej into different languages to allow more users to access Hej.

Finally the team is looking to develop an IOS and Android app for Hej to allow Hej to be used on smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Please support the Hej kickstarter project by visiting https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1334005787/hej




          : Ben lee

: www.hej.chat

:  ben.lee@hej.chat