Stationery, Computer and All Sorts of Office Equipment

Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Childcare, Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare – UVa Provincial Council invites applications from eligible and qualified institutions and individuals for registration as suppliers of the following goods / equipment for the year 2017. Tendersontime, a leading business leading Tender Notice Portals is the first agency to report this notification.

Application forms for each item under the relevant subject can be obtained from the office of the Accountant, Provincial Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Childcare, Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare on payment of the non-refundable fee of Rs. 500.00 for each item.


  1. Stationery, computer, stationery and all sorts of office equipment.
  2. Library books, newspapers, magazines and text books
  3. All sorts of equipment made of steel, plastic, fiber, iron, White iron, wood or any other material for hospitals, children’s homes, elders homes, and offices
  4. Computer and computer accessories, computer printing, photocopiers, fax machines, roneo machines, typewriters and other electrical goods of electronic category
  5. Overhead projectors, multi-media projectors, cameras, and video cameras etc.
  6. Fridges, air-conditioners, televisions, cassettes, loud-speakers etc.
  7. Motor vehicle spares, batteries, tyres and tubes
  8. All kinds of building materials, pipes, electric equipment, timber, plywood, paints and other hardware equipment and materials
  9. Raw and dry food items and supply of food
  10. Window curtains, materials, carpets, mosquito nets, Rexene, surgical gowns, slippers, caps, gloves and all kinds of textiles
  11. All medical equipment, Dental Surgical equipment, hospital equipment and accessories
  12. Supply, delivery, installation, and maintenance of air-conditioners
  13. Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of telephones and intercom systems
  14. Supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of generators and water pumps
  15. Elk brooms, mats and foot-rugs
  16. Chemicals and laboratory equipment
  17. All kinds of sanitary items, sanitary chemicals, washing powder, detergents, garbage collecting bags and polythene bags
  18. Rubber stamps, date stamps, plastic name boards and identity badges.
  19. LP gas and gas cookers
  20. Hospital kitchen items and equipment
  21. Coir mattresses and rubberized coir mattresses
  22. Trolleys and spares
  23. Metal ware including plastic and aluminum ware
  24. All kinds of drugs
  25. All kinds of agro-equipment
  26. Medicine covers
  27. Catering of food and beverages for day/night programs and workshops
  28. Shirodhara beds
  29. Herbal bath tubs
  30. Massage beds
  31. Grinding stones and grinders
  32. Audio equipment
  33. Wheel chairs (large / small / with commodes / without commodes / special) walking aids, crutches hand sports tricycles’, water mattresses or air-mattresses and white-sticks
  34. Artificial limbs (hands/ legs) / electric limbs (hands legs)
  35. Spectacles (women / gents / child)
  36. Musical instruments
  37. Sewing machines, water filters
  38. Sports goods / equipment


  1. Repairing and servicing of photocopiers, roneo machines, fax machines, computers, electric and manual typewriters
  2. Repairing of all types of electric equipment, air-conditioners, loudspeaker systems, fridges and deep freezers
  3. Repairing of circuits, generators, water pipes and water pumps
  4. Repairing of intercom telephone systems
  5. Repairing of office furniture and equipment
  6. Repairing and servicing of vehicles
  7. Supplying vehicles on rent basis
  8. Vehicle upholstering
  9. Fixing of audio and visual equipment in vehicles (Radio, cassette, CDs, TVs and reverse cameras)
  10. Printing works, invitation cards, digital banners, staking phtocopies I1. Repairing of medical equipment, hospital equipment, operation theatre / laboratory equipment and machinery
  11. Building construction, preparing BOQs, supervision, and consultancy services
  12. Preparing estimates for power supply and wiring
  13. Repairing of intercom system and electric lifts
  14. Washing of soiled linen
  15. Provisioning of security services
  16. Provisioning of sanitary services
  17. Repairing of gas / Oxygen equipment (Gas burner, gas cookers, etc.)
  18. Fattening / painting / polishing / varnishing / Rexene works and Formica works
  19. Termite controlling by chemical spraying

Interested suppliers should furnish the details of items intending to supply in their applications clearly and a copy of the business registration certificate or a copy of the certificate of the business registration in the local government body should be submitted along with the application.

Application forms for registration are issued during office hours between 09.00 a.m. and 03.00 p.m. from 12.10.2016 to 07.11.2016 and completed application forms should be sent to the Chairman, Procurement Committee, Ministry of Health, Indigenous Medicine, Probation and Childcare, Women’s Affairs and Social Welfare, R.H. Gunawardhana Mawatha, Badulla to be received before 02.00 p.m. on 09.11.2016. “Registration of Suppliers – 2017” should be written on the top left hand corner of the envelope enclosing the application.

For further details, please call on +91-9218088010, +91-9218540407 or email at or register on the website:

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