Masques of San Marco Slots Online At

Genting Casino, is giving players the chance to step into the timeless charm of Venice with its exciting Masques of San Marco slots game.

Genting Casino’s online slots game takes players into the mystique and glamour of Venetian canals and squares, as they pit their wits against the challenges of the Masques of San Marco slots.  But this is no ordinary online slots game. With the innovative new FreeFall Symbols feature – where a cascade of new symbols rain down on the player’s game to replace winning symbol combinations – the player will have the chance to win time and time again with just a single play!


When a player makes the choice to play Masques of San Marco slots online, they aren’t just playing one game! With the DualPLAY feature they will be able to enjoy two base games for one play. The symbols from the top game will trickle down to replace any symbols in the bottom game – so if the player doesn’t win among the top symbols, their game is still far from over!


Masques of San Marco gives the player 40 paylines for 40 coins, but they will also receive a bonus 20 paylines as part of their play session.  Few games give the player as many distinct opportunities to win as Masques of San Marco slots online.


To play Masques of San Marco slots online, the right and left arrows increase and decrease the bet respectively, with the Spin button spinning the reels and submitting the player’s bet. Masques of San Marco also gives the player the option to Auto Spin until the balance is insufficient to spin again.


With a superb range of additional options and setting for the player to use, Masques of San Marco is sure to be a real hit with slot players.


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