PVC Stabilizers Market Analysis Report and Forecast Upto 2021

The Polyvinyl Chlorides (PVC) Stabilizers Market Research Report provides forecast and estimates for each application in terms of Market Size, Share, Trend & Growth during the study period (Upto 2021).

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Polyvinyl chlorides (PVC) are commercial synthetic plastic polymers. PVCs are thermally very unstable and require stabilizers. During extrusion or moulding process, hydrogen chloride is eliminated, which decomposes PVC. PVC stabilizers prevent elimination of hydrogen chloride and autooxidation thus preventing the degradation process. Stabilizers are metal compounds that prevent the chain reactions due to decomposition.

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They are blends of metal soaps, metal salts, and organometallic compounds. Stabilizers used in PVC enhance the properties of the material by making it resistant to the effects of heat, daylight, weathering, UV radiation, etc. PVC stabilizers which do not influence the properties of PVCs (colour, smell etc.) and are not toxic are the most preferred stabilizers in the market. Heat stabilizers are the major types of PVC stabilizers. Heat or thermal stabilizers are further classified as organic and inorganic stabilizers. The major metal compounds used in stabilizers are Lead (Pb), Barium (Ba), Calcium (Ca), and Tin (Sn). Based on these compounds, stabilizers are classified as Pb stabilizers, Ba-Zn stabilizers, Ca-Zn stabilizers, and Sn stabilizers.

Major player assessed in the report are :
– Addivant USA LLC
– Akzo Nobel N.V
– Akcros Chemicals
– AM Stabilizers Corporation
– Baerlocher GmbH
– More

Geographically, this market has been segmented into regions such as North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific and the Middle East & Africa. The study details country-level aspects based on each segment and gives estimates in terms of market size.

Stabilizers are the functions of property extenders by plastic additives. Adding plasticizers to the PVC along with stabilizers has broadened the application areas. They can be used for non-food packaging and cards such as bank or membership cards. Such applications require heat and light resistance and hence driving the global PVC stabilizer market growth. Plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, signage, inflatable products, and many rubber applications are replaced by PVC stabilizers based products. North America is the major region in the global PVC stabilizers market


1. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Stabilizer By Types :
– Heat/Thermal Stabilizers
– Organic Stabilizers
– Inorganic Stabilizers
– Light Stabilizers
– Others

2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Stabilizer By Applications :
– Pipes
– Profiles
– Films
– Bottles
– Cables
– Coatings
– Others

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