3D Minesweeper: Unique Gameplay and Endless Fun Hours

Who hasn’t played the old game Minesweeper? It seemed to be years ago! Today we have the new 3D Minesweeper version with enhanced graphics, new challenges, different boards and levels, logical ads and variations. Download it now and enjoy the game!

Those, who played the old version before, know how hard it is to be a minesweeper when mines are surrounding you. Your task is to break the world record and sweep the mines before they ruin everything around. When accomplishing the hard task today you can enjoy new unique features like:

  1. Unique 3D gameplay;
  2. Smooth and fast interface of the game;
  3. Hours of fun (users usually play repeatedly without getting bored);
  4. High scores and best records;
  5. Quick launch and no loading time;
  6. Four levels: Beginner, Medium, Expert, and Custom.

In addition, you get a chance to compete against players from around the globe and get into the world record board.

How to Play 3D Minesweeper

As it was mentioned, there are four difficulty levels. Every time a player progresses, the grid gets larger (15×15 grid, 20×20 grid, 30×22 grid and 40×22 grid respectively). Newcomers start from the very beginning – the Beginner level. Use your computer mouse and left click on a chosen square to start playing. Now there’s a number collection where the clear squares used to be. They indicate the number of mines that are adjusted to every square. When a revealed square shows 3, it means that three of the remaining squares adjusted have mines in them.

Distinguish an unrevealed square with a special flag in case you are sure it does contain a mine. It is usually done when there is a number one near an unrevealed square. When the mine is concealed, the flag allows escaping false moves. If you need to place a flag, it’s enough to left click on the flag icon that is placed on the game screen’s top. Then do another click on the offending square.

How to know the total mine number? It is always shown at the game screen’s top. You will see the number of placed flags just above it. If a player succeeds in removing all clear squares, he completes the level and is allowed to move to the next one. Your score depends on how fast you cope with the task.

A flag can be placed automatically. All you need is to right click on a square and a flag will appear automatically. Right clicking can also open the full screen or the setting menu. The result depends on a browser you use, which is why it’s recommended to use the first flag placing option described.

3D Minesweeper is an awesome game for a player with ambitions, speed, and skills or anyone who’d like to develop any of these qualities.