BYDWYR Launches Online Story Maker Card Game, Says It Will Help Kids To Learn Better

BYDWYR, an online story maker card game site has launched another product to inspire imaginative learning among kids. Popularly known as BYDWYR (Short of – Beyond Your Dreams, Within Your Reach), the site promises that the new and improved creative learning game will help kids to explore the world and increase their mind power to think better and beyond.

The game is targeted to fuel and ignite the child’s imagination and nurture their creativity. The main aim of the product is to open the ‘closed’ gates of the kid’s mind to dream bigger and beyond.

As exploring helps the kid to sharpen their mental acumen, this game will help to achieve this difficult task in an entertaining and playful manner.

The spokesperson added that ‘ We believe every child is special and can think of something unique. Our games will help them to think beyond and start generating ideas. It will also help to increase their logical aptitude, reasoning, analytical, and decision-making skills. As in real world, these skills play an important role to elevate the career options of the kids; we will keep on researching and bringing creative games on board at affordable costs’.

The site also has a blog section to review cool posts with a search option to find previous posts.

There is a separate contest section. Interestingly, the section is also targeted for kids to give ideas to develop another game product. The site has posted that it is developing a new game and wants ideas for characters, places, and adventure.

Kids are invited to send a picture, drawings, description, and other representations. The editorial team will select the best and relevant ones. Winners will get notifications and the respective ideas will be posted on the site. Winners will get a $20 gift card.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to view a great collection of curated content.

The literary products are available for sale through Pay Pal and people who wish to buy can visit the products section and simply click on ‘Add to cart’ button. The link will redirect to the secure PayPal page to complete the payment for less than $14.

You can also view a video on how to create a story with these cards. Viewing future games and option to pre-order is also available to book your copies before the stock ends.

If you want to view this site on your mobile and tablets, there is a good news. With the recent technological changes, BYDWYR site is now responsive to all popular mobile devices and tablets. You can easily open the site and shop for your lovely kids on-the-go.

If you want to purchase this creative game and increase the mental abilities of your growing kid, here is the direct link – .