Funki Flamingo’s Swaddle Blankets Help Babies Sleep Better, Owners Claim

Funki Flamingo’s Swaddle Blankets Help Babies Sleep Better, Owners Claim

New baby swaddles are designed to facilitate quality sleep during baby’s crucial early years

 Funki Flamingo launched its newest product in May of 2016 in addition to the series of premium baby products released by the company last year. Their latest offering, the Funki Flamingo Muslin Swaddle Blankets, has been generally well-received by parents on Amazon.

According to Jas Darar and his wife Angela, owners of Funki Flamingo, swaddling has been long known to be an effective means of giving comfort to babies in their sleep, which as a result also enhances their mental and physical growth.

“Not only is swaddling a great way to keep babies warm and comfortable, it also helps soothe babies, which improves the quality of their sleep,” Jas explained. “We’ve learned that it’s very beneficial to the infant’s health to recreate the nurturing environment of a mother’s womb, particularly during the first nine months after birth. We’ve designed our swaddle blankets to be extra soft to augment that experience.”

The Funki Flamingo Muslin Swaddle Blankets were made using premium materials to maintain its quality even after years of use and repeated washings. The product can also be used for other purposes; it can be used to cover the pram, as a makeshift picnic blanket or as a changing mat, just to name a few. According to Angela, Funki Flamingo products have always offered something more valuable to help parents make the most of taking care of their baby.

“Our blankets are made of 100% cotton, making them as soft as a baby’s skin,” Angela said. “When babies sleep better, it also improves their mood and how they interact with people. As a result, it also improves the mood of parents and they become more affectionate to each other.”

The product is now on a special launch price on Amazon and Amazon UK, earning positive reviews since its launch. Last year, Funki Flamingo launched other premium baby products and has generated a following on Amazon. For each purchase of the Funki Flamingo Muslin Swaddle Blankets, the company offers a 100% Money-Back and Infinity Replacement Guarantee.